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Bindaree Vintage Beef


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Our family is proud to present Bindaree Vintage Dry Aged Beef. From the earliest days of Bindaree Beef the family has always treasured exceptional beef that can be shared with a select few on special occasions. Bindaree Vintage Dry Aged Beef is for “Truly Special Occasions”.

Bindaree Vintage Beef




Premium 100day Grain Fed MSA Beef

The long established process of dry ageing is reminiscent of years gone by where butchers would hang their beef for some time in a cool place as a means to preserve and tenderise it.

Bindaree Vintage Dry Aged Beef adopts this tried and true process whilst yielding a finished product that predecessors could only have dreamed of.

The key to creating our Bindaree Vintage Dry Aged Beef is the combination of exceptional grain fed beef we start with, taking this and further enhancing the taste and tenderness through the dry ageing process.

Bindaree Vintage is dry aged for 21 days in a controlled environment during which time it is dried and dehydrated, concentrating the flavour and taste of the beef whilst also creating a tender and a melt in the mouth texture. The result of dry ageing yields a unique and unparalleled dining experience in Bindaree Vintage, one designed to be shared and savoured.

Bindaree Vintage Dry Aged Beef has an undeniably rich but clean beef flavour with that “special occasions” tenderness. It represents the Pride, Passion and Flavour that is behind Bindaree Beef.

Bindaree Vintage Beef